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Cyber security incidents do not respect geographical, time zone, or administrative boundaries in the global Internet. Resolution of any Cyber security incident generally involves many sites, which may be located in various places around the world. Each incident response and security team can assist their local constituency and coordinate the appropriate response with other teams to provide a global solution to the problem. These can be possible once we hae the right platfrom amd team interactions GOCYBEX provides a forum for facilitating trusted interactions among incident response and security teams for all the members of GOCYBEX. Assistance for interactions is available on either a team to team basis or between Individuals (through introduction to teams) or by using the GOCYBEX infrastructure to share information among all members in a secured way.

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GOCYBEX is the brand name of the Global Cyber Security Response Team Private Limited. With a varied client list that includes several Governments, Defense agencies, Organizations in the Health Sector, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Corporate & Manufacturing Houses, Public Sector & IT Companies you are sure to find domain-specific.tailor-made cybersecurity solutions with us.

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